Help the three raccoons with a knack for stacking sneak into the cinema!
Stack your way through a series of gradually harder puzzles to help your cuddly little friends through the forest, into the city and then finally into the cinema.

My Contribution

Hue & Saturation Tool

The tool made it possible for the graphical designers to keep textures unique in the scene and adjust them to match with proper lightning.

This was my first experience in making tools. The ability to make tools for others to use feelt really cool and it contributed to my now found passion for tools.

Player Movement & Controller

Our goal was to make the switching between the different characters as smooth as possible.
The challenging factor being that this was made for mobile and the decision of us going with buttons feelt right during testing. Further more I took part in the developing for the buttons to switch characters.

Stacking & Sorting

One of the main mechanics was the ability to stack the raccoons in a specific order. 
Since in order to win each level, the player had to walk into the cinema with all characters stacked.

The implementation invovled automatic sorting for the characters that matched thier unique appearance.


I got the chance to make the animator for our characters and make the transitions feel smooth. We had to further polish the animator for the stacking/jumping animation to be inline with the characters movement speed. 

Tutorial UI

We added a tutorial in the begining to guide the player in its first interraction with the game.
I got to make the bridge between the world and the interface by making triggerzones which made the interface appear on screen.
Further I made it easier for the team to make new slides for a tutorial or dialogbox.



  • Alexander Maier

  • Felix Dunmar

  • Linnéa Lindblom

  • Melvin Ringheim

  • Teodor Dahlen

  • William Agerlid


  • Aron Tinz

  • William Teurnell

Graphical Artist 

  • Alfons Nordblad

  • Kiril Nikolov

  • William Utterberg

Level Design

  • Julia Nyberg

  • Marcus Svensson

  • Svante Livén

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