The Saga of Embla


In this fasted pasted and unforgiving journey, inspired by Super Meat Boy, you get to help Embla navigate through
a corrupted landscape in the search of her brother.
Travel with her trusted companion Saga to cleanse the corruption.

My Contribution

Placeholder textures

Event System

We decided that two of our levels would have events that trigger after a certain point.
The first involved a rising poison fluid to forced the player to take higher ground. I then implemented a rock eruption to involve more dodge mechanics.

Moving Obstacles

I got the opportunity to work on some of the obstacles.

My first implementation was a spinning obstacle with a static collider,
the spinning mechanic sout to increase visibilty of the obstacles while making them look more dangerous.
The second obstacle I made moved alongside a spline.

UI - Menu

One of my responsibilities was the menu. 
During this task I worked closely with a graphical artist to figure out the moste fittting placement and to make it interactive.
We worked hard to make the user experience as good and give the right amount of feedback for each action.


I have made it possible to operate all our inputs, character manoeuvring and menus with both the Xbox controller and the keyboard.



  • Alexander Gustafsson

  • Alexander Maier

  • Emil Kvist

  • Felix Dunmar


  • Alma Gren

  • Elliot Raud

Graphical Artist 

  • Amanda Önnestam

  • Joel Herslow

  • Kiril Nikolov

  • Sarah Olofsson


  • Alexander paulson

Level Design

  • Viktor Lundblad Åfors

  • Sammy Oltner

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