As a child in a destroyed city, you must use your wit and tools to fight monsters and find a remedy to save your infected mother.

My Contribution

Enemies - Ai

My biggest contribution during this project was the development of the enemy ai.
Since I got to take part in the combat system, I got the opportunity to make them as well fitting together as possible. I made four unique enemies, all with unique combat, movement, overall tarctics.
One of my biggest challenges was making the enemies avoid obstacles in the environment, while not running through the environment.

Enemies - Animations

Since we had a wide range of states for the enemies and each state had spritesheets for 8 directions,
I created a simplified state machine to make it easier to add more animations as they were added to the game.

Combat System

The combat system was built around 3 ways to approach the enemies, melee, range and area damage for bigger packs.
I contributed in making the bomb, this included playing animations, creating a damage radius and balancing the damage numbers.
During playtests we noticed that most players didn't use the heavy attack as it was currently implemented.
I took it on myself to make the combat feel more fluid. I removed the "hold to heavy attack" and made it into a chain attack instead.
Resulting in a much more fluid melee combat.

Tutorial - Ui

To make it easier for the player to get a hang of the controlls we decided to add a simple tutorial ui.
My task was to make the ui appear when the player interacts with different objectives



  • Alexander Maier

  • Felix Ulvmåne

  • Markus Nilsson Robert

  • Viktor Back

  • Viktor Eriksson Heige


  • Jacob Fridholm

  • Fredrika Karlsson

Graphical Artist 

  • Alva Granholm

  • Sarah Olofsson

  • Thorbjörn Jensen

  • Vincent Lu

Music & SFX

  • Ella G. Burgos

  • Felix Ulvmåne

Level Design

  • Julia Nyberg

  • Sammy Oltner

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