Overrated Delivery Service


Overrated Delivery Service was the first project during our first year at The Game Assembly.
The game is an endless runner in which you play a sausage delivery truck that gathers sausages,
while ramming into the environment and creating chaos.

Our goal was to make the game have a lot of "juice" and fill every action with feedback.

My Contribution

AI - Collision 

We added a couple of cars that act as obstacles. In order to make these feel more contected to the world,
we made them collide with the environment. This made it more chaotic, in a good way.

Air - Rotation

To further make the controlls feel tight and responsive with the environment, a rotation in the X-Axis was needed.
The addition of an arc rotation in each fall and jump made the car feel more impactful.



  • Alexander Maier
  • Pontus Fredriksson
  • Rasmus Ekelund
  • Viktor Back
  • William Arnback


  • Daniel Ödlund
  • Rebecka Karlsson

Graphical Artist 

  • Adam Dencker
  • Amanda Önnestam
  • Thorbjörn Jensen
  • William Utterberg

Music & SFX

  • Pontus Stensgaard
  • Zapsplat

Level Design

  • Marcus Svensson
  • Viktor Lundblad Åfors

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